CAS Recruitment – Employee Training

As an added service, CAS Recruitment can undertake the training of employees in their home country of the Philippines at the highly prestigious Enderun Extension School, within the College of International Hospitality Management. Graduates of the Enderun Extension School are typically trained chambermaids, waiters, baristas, cooks, bakers and butchers, and all will receive a TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) Certification upon completion of the selected course.

Enderun is one of the world’s best schools in the Culinary Arts, and Hotel and Restaurant Management. Located in Taguig City, the Philippine extension of the Enderun Campus is a state-of-the-art facility on a pristine campus. Featuring the latest in equipment and technology, Enderun Colleges provide trainees with an immersive learning environment and industry-specific programs run by experienced faculty. Potential employees trained at Enderun will develop key competencies, independent thinking, and leadership skills, giving them the best foundation for working in any position within the Hospitality industry.

Culinary courses are taught by a team of experienced chefs, pastry chefs, and culinary instructors, and cover a wide variety of techniques in all areas of food preparation and cuisines, including Japanese cuisine. Graduates will be well versed in all areas of their chosen vocation, and will be perfectly prepared to meet the requirements of their specific job role. Employers seeking waiters who are knowledgeable on wines and spirits can also request WSET Level training in Wine & Spirits.

Additionally, all potential employees in the Hospitality industry will undertake the ServSafe Certification course, which covers such topics as food safety, food preparation, Hazard Analysis and HACCP.

We offer the following Certificate Programs for workers in your chosen profession: